What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation abbreviates to SEO. This is the process that affects a website to be listed on a search engine without making regular payments to the Search engine provider. This listing is also known as visibility. So a highly optimized website will be visible to search engines more often and then the website will be ranked higher on the search results page. Higher ranking gets more hits for the website and consequently the visitor is tempted to look at the content and make a conversion.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing abbreviates to SEM. This is a form of marketing on the net. This involves promoting a website to increase its visibility on the search engine results page. This can be done by paying to the search engine on the basis of “Pay per click” or by optimizing the website. Most Search engines list these ads at the top or the right side of the search engine results page and charge per impressions and per click.

What is Social media marketing?

This is to get more attention to a website through social media. Publishing useful and interesting content will attract attention and encourage visitors to share the content through their social channels, and this triggers electronic word of mouth and reverberates. The more you market through social media the more visitors you get to your website, and this opens up more traffic to the website and it helps rank you better on search engine results page.

What is Email Marketing?

This refers to sending promotional and attractive email messages to people who subscribed to receive marketing materials for a particular website. Email marketing can be used to send promotions, request donations, brand awareness and it builds loyalty and trust. Ultimately this helps users to engage with the website and generate more traffic.

What is Referral Marketing?

This is the process to increase active discussions about a product, brand or an article on the website. This increases the awareness and eventually leads more traffic to the website. The visitors who come through referrals tend to be more loyal than normal customers and have a higher retention rate.

What is Content Marketing?

This involves creation and sharing of any type of media publishing content and is presented in a variety of methods such as news articles, white papers, videos, ebooks etc. Content marketing creates visitor interest in a product or service through educational and informative materials. Consistent and high quality content builds trust on a brand and attracts high traffic to a website.

What is CTA?

Call to Action abbreviates to CTA. This can be a button, graphic banner or a form on a website that prompts the visitors’ engagement. When a visitor engages with a website and continues down a funnel, there is a high chance of collecting a lead to a conversion and later into a client.