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This is to get more attention to a website through social media. Publishing useful and interesting content will attract attention and encourage visitors to share the content through their social channels, and this triggers electronic word of mouth and reverberates. The more you market through social media the more visitors you get to your website, and this opens up more traffic to the website and it helps rank you better on search engine results page.

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Instant communication possibilities with digital devices The world has seen an upsurge in the possibilities of communication among peoples of the world which was limited to only personal dialogue at the turn of the 20th century. Completing one and a half decades into the second millennium we are on the crest of an unprecedented communication wave sweeping across continents and oceans, with the possibilities of split second communication between two or more of mankind living anywhere at any given time. Communication technology has developed in leaps and bounds and this new found contactable ability, has shrunk the world from what our ancestors a few generations ago experienced in the early part of the 20th century in comparison to the modern world which we proudly call today as globalization. The word globalization was coined to put in perspective the ease of global communication, which has been digitalized today to the extent that many applications are available which facilitates communication at the fingertips of those who need to get in touch and need to be in touch, from any corner of our planet. This instantaneous contact ability has brought out a horde of opportunities which has been welcomed with open arms by digital marketing professionals, who are themselves a new breed on the horizon of an age old profession that brought seller and buyer together for mutual benefit. If marketing messages were limited to only a small area in a town square, that too by voice induced efforts by a “Town Crier” in the early part of the 20th century, today these messages can be taken instantaneously from one corner of the world to the other. Strategic marketing in a digital world The digitalization of communication and the possibility of instantaneous contact ability have given digital marketing professionals the impetus to get their messages first and fast to their millions of prospective customers 24x7 all 365 days of the year. Developed and developing countries have advanced technologically in the communication sphere with most of these nations boasting more than one digital mobile connection for every citizen. This new found communication freedom would not be complete if we did not have the World Wide Web (www) or the Internet which connected all these mobile devices in one enormous cauldron of opportunities for everyone in every industry, anywhere in the world. Search engine facilitators in the caliber of Google, Yahoo and Bing have innovated applications that have given digital marketing professionals abundant opportunities to bombard these handheld mobile devices at the end of which are millions of potential customers carrying across messages for the various brands, news items or ideology that they would be selling. Today digital marketing in many forms is the bread and butter of digital marketing professionals who have mastered the art of providing information galore of their products and services to potential customers at their fingertips, which has opened up immense opportunities to both sellers and buyers alike. Social media marketing a cost effective medium The immense communication possibilities available today have opened up social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many others which are possible hunting grounds for sustained social media marketing strategies targeting members in these groups. Social media marketing strategies are effective as it is targeted to a specific group with common interests or goals and invariably with the same social standing, economic clout and common needs. Research have indicated that there is a very high incidence “word of mouth” advertising among these groups which could be targeted by social media marketing professionals to meet their objectives, if they could penetrate into these circles and make their brand visible with high rankings on the search engine optimization platform coupled with other sustained social media marketing strategies. Social media marketing professionals use emails as a very potent medium to carry their messages across to their potential customers in these social groups, which is very cost effective whilst having the ability to be closely monitored and reviewed to quantify performance and if found lacking the email campaign could be revised, amended or even withdrawn, and replaced with another at minimum cost. It is envisaged that 80% of conversations among social groups are business related in the sense that they tend to unknowingly give opinions of products or services that they would be using or intend to use, giving social media marketing professional a very fertile field to sow their marketing messages constantly and consistently. Apart from emails social media marketing professionals could use a wide spectrum of many other social applications innovated by Google and the other search engine facilitators to get their messages across to these specific social groups. It is known that “birds of a feather flock together” and this notion holds true for every social group banded together, providing social media marketing professionals an easy and convenient exercise of formulating specific marketing campaign strategies to suit the exact thinking of the individuals in the grouping. Social media marketing strategies in the alternative have also to be well planned and defined as some of these social groups may have opinionated views that would take immense convincing, before they would wilt to strategic marketing pressure. It is considered that the social media marketing industry is enormous for the simple reason that “word of mouth” advertising accounts for a major share, considered by some marketing gurus to be in the high end at about 80% that are changing buyers from one product or service to another. Mastering the different social media networks Every social media network is important to the social media marketing concept, and has to be used intelligently and profusely if objectives are to be met at the end of the day. The social media has created special niches for brands that are talked about frequently in certain social circles and once they have attained that niche it will be difficult to dislodge them Facebook with more than 1.2 billion users worldwide and growing, one of the most widely used mediums is today the darling of social media marketing professionals, who have a gigantic customer base to trade their wares at a cost that any entity could afford. Facebook is considered a very important social networking platform that caters to a very wide spectrum of users who generally band themselves together on common interests, and are spread around the world. Facebook is worth billions of dollars and more people around the world young and old are joining it in unprecedented numbers and are envisaged to overwhelm all other social networking platforms in the future. Along with Skype, Twitter and the other social networks put together social media marketing professionals have their work cut out if they could only master the path to success on these very competitive platforms. Commercial conversations dominate within social groups The Word of Mouth (WoM) Association of the USA an independent body monitoring word of mouth business conversations has brought out startling observations after extensive research that 80% of all conversations taking place a day in the United States are business related. This is a startling disclosure which would amount to billions of conversations across the length and breadth of this vast country, which in itself is an economic powerhouse. This disclosure is sweet music to the ears of social media marketing professionals who have taken it in their stride to target this new found opportunity to the optimum. It was known that “word of mouth” advertising played a silent but major role in moving products off shelves since the birth of the marketing profession, but this researched disclosure especially coming forth from a respectable entity is food for thought to all social media marketing professionals, to spit and polish their act to meet this new opportunity with more strategic applications to get their piece of the cake which is available to eat. Social media marketing strategies would need to be revisited and revamped if the optimum results are envisaged to take brands to new highs among the various social groups that could be targeted. Social media marketing professionals could study the behavioural patterns of each social group with the larger social network and formulate specific strategies for specific groups, which would entail better success than implementing a common strategy for all and sundry, which could fall on deaf ears of impotent customers. Though social media marketing is a very cost effective exercise throwing pearls to swine does not bode well for social media marketing professionals, as such actions would not border on professionalism.

Employing social media marketing strategies effectively

Every conceivable strategy has to be well formulated, planned and executed to produce envisaged results, if not it would flop and fail to give the desired results. Though this is true even when implementing social media marketing campaigns to target specific social groups, here you could be dealing with a different “kettle of fish” with very high power depending on the brand you would be offering them. Some customers could be more discerning than the others and could be expecting more or less than what your brand could offer in which case they would not be your potential customers. Here you would have to formulate a different strategy to suit the potential customers that you would contemplate of being bona fide customers of your brand. Email marketing strategies could be specifically directed at customers and these messages could land on their laps or palms through their personal computers or smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices that they would be using. Emails have also been monitored by some countries where it is a mandatory requirement to obtain the permission of the recipient prior to sending them emails promoting products and services. There are also many other applications like twitter, whatsup, viber and many others including emails which could get brands closer to their prospective customers and which are effective too. Achieving brand success on the social networks If a brand aspires to be successful on the social network platform, it should have all it’s guns blaring with no letup, because it is only a coordinated effort that would give it the push it needs to be visible and talked about in the social circles that the brand would like to be associated with. Like every sinew of an athlete working simultaneously to propel him to the finishing line, a brand would need every application to propel it to success. Social media marketing professionals need to take a hard pragmatic look at their brand, the social network that would best work for it and the overall performance of it’s competitors before embarking on any strategy to conquer the place it could rightfully earn. Once a brand has climbed the pinnacle of success it needs to do very much more than what got it there if it is to remain at the top for long. Competition from other products backed by experienced social media marketing professionals would not let your brand be, they would always conspire to bring your brand down, if your social media marketing team is not up to the task. They have to be always on their toes looking around for that unexpected war cry from the competition and it would be advisable to keep the strategies that would be adopted by the brand kept closer to their hearts. The brand should strive to achieve high rankings on the search engine optimization or SEO platform and be visible to prospective customers when they look on the search engines for what they need. The brand should use all available and possible digital marketing mediums continuously and consistently, 24x7 all 365 days of the year without putting it’s guard down if it aspires to reach and hold the top slot on the SEO platform as well as in the customer’s mind. The SEO platform constantly changes and brands have to be proactive to remain on a high SEO, which is not an easy task and needs complete commitment, perseverance and hard work. Every possible endeavour should be made to remain on the top of the SEO platform which would give the brand visibility and respect.