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What is Referral Marketing?

This is the process to increase active discussions about a product, brand or an article on the website. This increases the awareness and eventually leads more traffic to the website. The visitors who come through referrals tend to be more loyal than normal customers and have a higher retention rate.

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Internet marketing

Marketing refers to communications which companies engage in to create awareness, interest, desire and action for their brands amongst their target audience to satisfy them with the aim of achieving corporate goals of sales and profitability.

Marketing and internet marketing efforts

The difference between marketing and internet marketing is simply the medium used. Internet marketing emanates through the internet which is an efficient and lucrative channel that effectively connects an organization’s customers with its brands. The definition of a brand A brand is a name, symbol or sign which uniquely distinguishes a company’s products and services by creating a clear positioning in the consumer’s mind relative to competing products.

The internet marketing of brands

The internet marketing of brands gives a company a unique identity by encapsulating the values, personality and product features of a company’s business so that it is easily appreciated and understood by prospects and customers over the internet. Marketing managers must understand the finite possibilities the internet brings which can be incorporated within their marketing efforts to successfully bring their brands to the forefront of their customers since internet marketing is an ever-changing and competitive landscape. The internet is a powerful integrator for brand marketing as company’s nowadays face many financial constraints with a high percentage of minimized marketing budgets which marketing managers have to deal with the internet is becoming the preferred choice as marketing promotions through the internet is most cost effective opposed to traditional forms of marketing communication mediums. Companies can derive greater return on investments by creating more brand building campaigns which engage their audience through emerging media through the channel of internet marketing. Consumer changing needs and wants Consumers tend to prefer brands which they can trust so corporates should undertake activities to deliver compelling branding messages which communicate a brand promise and differentiated customer experience which lives to every customer’s expectation at every point of the purchase cycle. Corporations need to create preference for their brands by carefully articulating the identified needs of their target customer to match the features and benefits of their products through successful internet marketing initiatives including branding which is an important tool to combat the competition to remain profitable.

Building trust through internet marketing

The brand and consumer relationship can be quite complex initiating from credibility and confidence which a consumer places on a brand. This leads to interaction and hopefully a sale. A successful brand is one who can continue to engage their customer with repeat purchases enhancing the customer lifetime value.

The internet marketing communication mix

Internet marketing and powerful mobile technologies has dynamically transformed the marketing possibilities for corporations to market their products and build relationships via mobile applications, social media, e-commerce and content marketing to name a few.

The benefits of internet marketing

There are many benefits derived from internet marketing and it is important in every company’s communication campaigns because it aligns the way customers reach decisions and how they are influenced to purchase. A majority of customers’ research online prior to making a purchase to compare and contrast to find the best fit to match their needs and wants. Internet marketing enables companies to establish relationships with prospects and customers through highly targeted, low-cost and regular communications. Customers also prefer marketing which talks to them on a more personalized level which internet marketing paves the way for, easily shifting from a mass communication strategy to a more customer centric approach. Convenience and reach Convenience and reach are the main advantages that internet marketing brings. Customers can browse for their product any time of the time at their convenience without having to travel physically to the store. Through marketing on the internet, barriers of distance can be overcome as corporations can sell to customers around the world widening their customer base.

Cost effectiveness of internet marketing

Internet marketingconsiderably minimizes cost factors like channel costs and promotional material costs for a company so they can spend more time and money on brand building efforts to grow their business. A company who hosts a range of strong brands in its portfolio is a successful company since brands which are strong uplift a company’s corporate reputation which builds trust and loyalty.

The importance of brand building

Brand building via the internet or any other medium is an important aspect for every company concerned with combining its personal aims and business development. It complements consumer awareness, purchase, distinct identity and positioning so the brand and its relative benefits to the extent that they are clearly understood by the target audience. The modern world has seen the arrival of a plethora of new products with different names manufactured by different companies so it is becoming increasingly competitive so differentiation is the key to maintaining a competitive edge.

Brand building through internet marketing

Internet marketing can be very interactive for corporations to showcase their brands and actively engage with their customers to build or enhance fulfilling and mutually beneficial relationships. Highly satisfied customers will also undertake positive word of mouth for the brand directing additional sales leading to increased profitability.

Creating awareness and brand reputation

A company who wishes to grow their brand online must firstly understand their target audience what do they expect from your brand and what connection do they want to establish. Internet users initially were the young and affluent but that has changed and all customer segments are utilizing the internet but each customer segment will require a different communication approach. Internet marketing is all about establishing personal connections whilst creating awareness and brand reputation. Brand reputation is community driven on a more emotional level and can be built successfully through social media marketing. Its efforts are highly improved by the interaction of customers sharing their experience with the product with others. Strong brands are ones that are grown by customers through relationship building and its success lies on how well the organization engages its customers through its internet marketing, customer relationship management (CRM)and online presence. Branding and email marketing campaigns Email marketing is a personalized form of marketing communication which is very cost effective and can be highly targeted to support a company in its brand building initiatives as it creates awareness and preference for a brand by communicating its benefits. There are also mobile email marketing which through email campaigns drives traffic through tablets and smart phones. Social media marketing and branding Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and You-tube allow customers to interact closely with a company. As customers highly penetrate this medium is a lucrative channel to build relationship and loyalty for a brand. Social media is a give-take relationship and companies must be highly responsive to customer queries and complaints directed through their sites otherwise it will lead to dis-satisfied customers.

Corporation’s content internet marketing activities

Content marketing allows a company to develop a distinguished appeal for its website and products via digital mediums through the communication mix incorporating digital technologies. Its aim is to create, disseminate meaningful and relevant information to its prospects and customers. Company must regularly update its content to entice and captive its audience by staying relevant and attractive.

The optimization of online brands

It is vital for corporations to optimizetheir presence online amongst the millions of websites available on the internet today to be captured by search engines and improve rankings for their products and websites. Having a Google+ page and Google business view also contributes as these tools improve a company’s listings as customer place reviews and patronize your stores through virtual reality technology to experience what your company has to offer. The internet opens endless possibilities for both local small business and global corporations who want to sell locally more effectively but the success of any internet marketing communication depends on how well a company integrates there communication to deliver a distinct and clear brand positioning and promise.