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Digital Marketing within the context of a modern business world

Traditional methods of promoting

Traditionally marketing has been the process used since time immemorial to enable sellers of products or services to effectively find their customers and engage in business to the mutual benefit of both. Marketing has been defined in many different ways, but “satisfying customer needs profitably” would put it in a very simple and clear perspective. It is satisfaction at the end of a business transaction that is most important, and it should be enjoyed by both the seller and the buyer.

The digital marketing aspect

The digital marketing aspect came about with the proliferation of the internet and marketing professionals becoming aware of it’s unlimited power to tilt decisions silently in the minds of search engine users, who are also customers and consumers at some point in time. Carefully planned digital marketing strategies were identified as effective tools on the World Wide Web (www) to create interest in the minds of consumers to make them buy impulsively or thoughtfully.

Countering the competition effectively

Countering competition has been the right of all marketing professionals on both sides of the equation. They have not only to plan their marketing plans strategically but have to find out what their competitors are up to and counter those strategies effectively. Failure to do so could erode the customer base and bring financial loss. It is imperative that all aspects are well balanced if professionalism in marketing is to be projected. Marketing is a continuous process and has to be monitored and kept under the microscope if products have to move off shelves and services used by those who want it.

Finding the right marketing mix

The right marketing mix has to be identified before venturing out with a strategy to take your product or service to the very competitive and volatile marketplace. The marketing mix combines every aspect, from the product, the market, packaging, advertising and the planning of strategies.

Best tools in the feild

The concept of marketing has used many different tools to take that important message across effectively and create the right platform to meet set objectives. The modern world is depending on the digital medium for many things hence marketing professionals too have taken the tools in this medium to further their digital marketing strategies.

Modern best and effective tools

Modern marketing tools have changed drastically compared to what was used a few decades ago. The use of paper and other permanent materials are giving way to electronics. Digital marketing uses all available technologically advanced digital hardware like, smart phones, ipods, digital television, digital billboards, and many more to take marketing messages first and fast to consumers.

Employing modern marketing tools

Marketing professionals use the personal touch by using mobile devices that are now a integral part of an individual’s paraphernalia. Implementing digital marketing strategies have now become convenient due to the prolific use of these sophisticated gadgetry.

Effective advertising tools

Email marketing, social media marketing, online marketing, internet marketing are just some of the most effective marketing tools used by digital marketing professionals to get that very important message across. Digital marketing professionals need to identify their target customers and implement marketing strategies to match the tools that would convey their messages effectively. Planning and implementing digital marketing strategies and then using the wrong medium to convey the message would be a fruitless exercise.

Using marketing tools

The use of these digital marketing tools has to be considered well in advance before implementing the strategies that are planned. It would be similar and a futile exercise if you are on the wrong train going in the opposite direction if the plans implemented are not delivering the required results. The digital marketing strategy to be successful has to meet all criteria before it could be effective in the competitive world out there.

Effective email delivery software

Email marketing is one of the most practiced digital marketing strategies which are easy to implement and very cost effective. There are no limitations on using email marketing as an effective digital marketing tool but certain countries have drawn up legislation to have the permission of the receiver before any emails could be sent to them.

Let customers have their best

Social media campaign monitor

Social media marketing too has become a very effective tool in the overall context of marketing and provided professionals with a shot in their arms. It is envisaged that about 70 to 80% of all business concluded has some aspect of referrals in the offing hence this important marketing tool is becoming very popular.

Planning best workable strategies

Planning marketing strategies was a very tedious process traditionally. Press advertisements had to have the artwork ready, the colour separation done on time, the printing had to be flawless with the materials delivered on time, etc. Things changed when digital marketing came onboard, where strategies could be implemented, revised, deleted or updated instantly at the click of one’s fingers. Any strategy not working as envisaged could be taken off and replaced, which was not the case with traditional marketing. No printed material could be replaced unless the whole lot was dumped in the garbage and the campaign discarded.

Effective and workable strategies

Every marketing strategy should work for the benefit of the product for which it has been implemented otherwise the purpose of the exercise is lost. Marketing has to be successful if products and services have to sell, and that is the bottom line of the whole process.

Monitoring marketing strategies

Marketing strategies once planned and implemented has to be monitored for it’s effectiveness. Traditional marketing methods did not have this luxury but digital marketing has this very important aspect where any campaign could be revised quickly without incurring huge costs. This advantage works well and saves money and time to make products more accessible to prospective customers, at any given time.

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising go hand in glove. One has to support the other for products to move off shelves and bring the desired levels of satisfaction to the customer as well as the product seller. Aggressive advertising regularly bombarding targeted customers day in and day out is sure to bring results. Modern marketing strategies depend on the digital media and have mastered the art of conveying marketing messages right across every spectrum in society.

Planning advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns have to be well planned and implemented. Colossus losses have been incurred where the wrong strategies were tried and failed. In traditional marketing changing strategies were not possible without incurring losses but in digital marketing the possibility of changing strategies is possible at very nominal cost.

Effective Digital marketing campaigns

Effective advertising campaigns are those that have brought the desired results and given a boost to the product or service it was directed to promote. The strategic advertising undertaken would be effective if all aspects are taken into consideration and implemented with the minimum of flaws.

Implementing new advertising strategies

To implement advertising strategies the ground work should have been well planned and prepared. No strategy is going to work if you step blindly without considering all the factors that would support the strategy. The negative too would have to be considered which would be the factors that spoil all your careful planning and tear a hole in your pocket.

Monitoring advertising strategies

Advertising strategies have to be monitored carefully, and nurtured delicately to bring home the results envisaged. Implementing a costly campaign and then going into hibernation would not do any good to the cause.

Changing advertising strategies

Marketing professionals have to be bold enough to take the decision to change advertising strategies if they are not bringing the results envisaged. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing provides the unique opportunity to create changes to any advertising strategy even whilst the campaign is in process.

Advantages in digital marketing

Digital marketing has the unique advantage of being able to be changed completely whilst an advertising campaign is ongoing. Traditional marketing was flawed in this aspect as once costs were borne to prepare the various story boards on the campaign they could not be changed unless at tremendous cost. Some advertising and marketing campaigns, could behave erratically however much planning had gone into it and if they are to be revised being on the digital marketing platform would be a blessing and could help change the complete scenario.

Advantages in online presence