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Infinite SEO is an accredited Google Partner. Google has allowed web professionals to enhance their relationship with Google by expanding their Partner program. Gaining Google’s trust is not easy, as a partner we are an online marketing company that has earned the seal of approval. Infinite SEO has been recognised as a certified company that can be trusted in providing our online marketing services to high standards.

As a Google partner Infinite SEO has a broad Adwords knowledge and furthermore is Google Analytics qualified. We are a certified company that will allocate all our resources to manage your online marketing through SEO. We work directly with Google to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services. Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is the process that involves your website being ranked on a search engine without having to make regular payments to the Search engine provider. This type of listing is also known as visibility. Infinite SEO use our expertise to optimise your website so that it will be visible to search engines more often. This means your website will be ranked higher on the search results page making it more appealing and trustworthy for visitors. Higher rankings get more hits for the website and consequently visitors are more tempted to explore your website.

With continuous training and updates directly from Google, as Partners we are on top of the game. We offer a comprehensive service and offer continuous support to ensure your website is on top.

Over the years we have worked hard to earn and maintain our partnership with Google, so let our team take care of your online marketing campaign and you will be in good hands!


Digital marketing agency in Melbourne

Digital marketing agency

This really means

Many definitions & meanings have been given for the word “marketing” over the years. “Satisfying consumer needs profitably” would be a very simple definition for “marketing”.

Well known strategist

The first known Marketing strategist was a very famous Englishman, born on the 19th of September 1851, at Bolton, Lancashire in England. William Hesketh Lever began work at his father’s grocery as a junior partner, in 1885.

First strategist

Soap was sold by weight like most other products & William Hesketh Lever decided to cut the soap sold in the grocery into square cakes, then wrapped them with colourful paper wrappers, named them “SUNLIGHT”.

the success of strategy

Wrapped in colourful paper with an emboldened “SUNLIGHT” standing out, he placed his cakes of soap on his grocery shelves. They all sold out in a few hours, & he started manufacturing “SUNLIGHT” soap in 1886.

success of the strategy

There was a tremendous demand for “SUNLIGHT” soap & he never looked back after that. Founding the company Lever Brothers, with his younger brother James his success story is today the world famous conglomerate “UNILEVER”.

promoting over the years

Since the founding of Lever brothers, Marketing has evolved by leaps & bounds with companies’ large & small professionals, ideologists, institutions & practically everyone using Marketing techniques to propagate their ideas & wares.

Early twentieth century

Advancement of Marketing in the early part of the twentieth century was quite sedate. Marketing strategies were generally confined to localized enclaves, & reaching beyond local borders was curtailed.

Mid twentieth century

With the advancements made in transport & communication during this time Marketing opportunities opened up & we were able to break off shackles & step beyond borders. Towards the latter part of this period there was a significant shift of gear where more innovative ideas were brought forth especially with the advent of the television.

Late twentieth century

Towards the end of the twentieth century the Internet with it personal computers & mobile phones became easily accessible & Marketing opportunities were opening out in new sectors. Communication technology was growing fast, & more people were getting connected around the world.

beginning twenty first century

The beginning of the twenty first century saw a tremendous growth in the communication industry. The Internet became a very widely used medium for communication & access to information & knowledge.

Search Engine Optimisation

The best tool

The Internet is the precursor to Globalization which has brought world wide connectivity, at our finger tips. Mobile phones, smart phones, notebooks, tablets have all brought along more of an urge rather than a need to use them.

mobile world congress 2012

An interesting statistic was put forward at the Mobile World Congress, which was that one out of nine Earthlings use a mobile phone. That is about 778 million people, who have the world in their palms & that was in 2012.

potentials in online space

With nearly 800 million people & growing being connected world wide the potential for Online Marketing was recognized by all Digital Marketing Agency stakeholders. They knew that here was a Marketing Medium of unprecedented opportunities.

online advertising space investments

Billions of dollars of revenue was generated by Online Digital Advertising Investments, & was estimated to have surpassed Cable TV revenues & was just below revenues of Broadcast TV. Online Digital Advertising Revenues generated US $ 36.57 Billion in the USA in the year 2012.

booming social media opportunities

FACEBOOK estimated to have a staggering 1.23 Billion users, followed YouTube with 800 Million users & Google with about 500 Million users. Twitter tagging along with about 230 Million users the potential in Social Media Marketing is just mind boggling, & recognized respectfully by increased Digital Marketing Agency investments.

digital marketing agency investments

Digital Marketing Agency investments are primarily the tremendous amount of revenue they generate through online advertising. These investments are increasing very rapidly worldwide, running into billions of dollars.

digital marketing agency advertisements

The high potential for Online Digital Advertising & it’s growing influence is recognized by all stakeholders. From urban areas to the remotest parts of the World, ideas & wares can be brought right to the homes of consumers. digital marketing agency revenues Digital Marketing Agency revenues in the USA during the first half of 2013 grew by 15.2 % compared to the same period of 2012. With all industries using Online Advertising the potential for growth in Digital Marketing is the sky.

dreams of two generations

We are lucky to be born in an era of tremendous technological advancement. Our parents would never have dreamt what we are experiencing, today but we can dream what our children will see into the future.

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